Memorial Day marks the beginning of grilling season. I can’t think of a better way to remember those who have gone before us than being surrounded by nature, enjoying good food with friends and family in the beautiful outdoors. Whether gathered around a campfire or hosting a backyard BBQ, let yourself be inspired, and delight your happy campers!

Grilling Recipes for the Perfect Cook-out!

45+ Cook-out Menu ideas!

This collection of our best 50 Grilling Recipes will take your next cook-out to the next level. Scroll through to get your creative juices flowing! Pin or save a few of your favorites.

Grilled chicken

Here are some of our most popular grilled chicken recipes, the whole family will enjoy- perfect for your cook-out menu!

Grilled Chipotle Chicken Video! 

A COOk-out Menu should include vegan options!

A cookout is not all about meat these days-more and more, even meat lovers appreciate plant-based foods! I love the Thai Chicken Satay made with TOFU! Super tasty!

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Lighten up your Cook-out Menu w/ grilled, main course Salads!

Keep it light and lean this Memorial Day with a grilled salad! My personal favorite is the Grilled Salmon Salad with the creamy cilantro lime dressing- so tasty!

Tasty Cookout Side Dishes!

Honestly, I would be just fine with just the sides, and this French Potato Salad is kind-of a “must” in my opinion!

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Make-ahead Pasta Salads

Perhaps the quintessential BBQ side dish, I’d plan to include at least one pasta salad on your cook-out menu!

Grilled Burgers

Because who doesn’t love a good burger! A good cook-out menu could simply be this; a selection of burgers (vegan and meat) and lots of fillings and condiment. A build your own Burger Bar! Heck, you could even ask your guests to each bring one thing. Could be fun!

We love pairing burgers with our Sweet Potato Fries!

Cook-out menu | Enhancements

Homemade buns, chipotle mayo, chimichurri sauce, homemade BBQ sauce, and homemade mayo make every cook-out better. You don’t have to make them all- but what if you just picked one?

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Grilled Fish & Seafood

Looking for something a little lighter and healthier to grill? Fish and seafood to the rescue. We love these cook-out ideas.

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Grilled Meats

For heartier appetites, here are some super-flavorful grilled beef and lamb recipes. The lamb kebabs are my favorite. 🙂

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Summery Desserts

Keep desserts light and summery- featuring fresh berries and fruits.

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Flowing Pitchers of Drinks

Pre-make these summery drinks before your guests arrive for a stress-free gathering.

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Wherever you find yourself this weekend, may you find a moment of stillness to honor the loved ones who have passed, and be present to those who are still here, knowing this too, may not last.

Enjoy these summery cook-out menu ideas and have a wonderful holiday weekend.



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