If you’ve been here a while- you’ll know that we love making salads all year round. Healthy, full of veggies and nutrients, salads make us… happy! Here are some of our favorite fall salads to make now!

Our Favorite Winter Salads!

Fall and winter are abundant with fresh produce and we take full advantage of this with our salads.

Our Most Popular salads

These reader favorites, all come with glowing 5-star reviews! These no-fail salad recipes will soon be on your repeat list.

Our Favorite Slaws!

We LOVE Slaw! Slaws are delicious anytime of year and pair with most any main dish. They can be made ahead and pack in a whole lot of nutrients!

Super Handy, Vegan, Make-Ahead Salads

Easy, healthy make-ahead salads, are perfect for lunches on the go! Make a batch on Sunday for the busy week.

Entree Salads

These hearty salads are filling and satisfying- each with a unique combination of flavors. Make a meal out of them!

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