Cozy Fall Side Dishes

Here are our favorite side dishes featuring seasonal produce. Full of healing nutrients our bodies crave -these are perfect for weeknight dinners or special gatherings!

Bring on the Veggies!

Because who in their right mind doesn’t like veggies. Have I ever told you that I once dated a guy that didn’t like veggies? Yep, that didn’t last long.

Batch Cook Grains & Beans

An easy way to prep for the busy week is to batch cook one grain and one bean recipe. It also uses up things that need using up in the pantry. Make bowls, add to soups, or salads!

Potato Side Dishes

Potatoes often get a bad wrap, but I don’t care, I love them anyways. They can be treated so simply in the in kitchen- I LOVE them boiled then seasoned with salt, butter (or olive oil) and fresh dill. It’s a go-to around here. But here are a few fancier versions…

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