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Truly one of the best things in the world are Grilled Artichokes! Here they are served up with a Basil Aioli (vegan adaptable) and simple herb oil – a delicious way to serve artichokes!

A recipe for Grilled Artichokes with EASY step-by-step instructions, served with Herbed Oil and optional Basil Aioli. Vegan adapatable!

If you are an artichoke fan, you will fall in love with Grilled Artichokes. Seriously, grilled artichokes are one of my favorite things to eat on the entire planet. They are that good, especially when artichokes are fresh, plump and in season. Grilling the artichoke gives them such a beautiful smoky earthy flavor that complements them so well, truly elevating them to the next level. And once you try them grilled, it will be hard to go back.

Keep in mind that you still need to steam the artichokes to get them tender before placing them on the grill to finish. The nice part is you could steam them ahead, especially for larger groups (like we did when catering), refrigerate, then grill them up before serving. Adding some mild wood chips to the grill, adding a hint of smoke, really elevates as well.

When you hold the artichoke in your hand, the first thing you’ll notice is their prickly leaves, brilliantly designed to keep predators out. They can be sharp, injurious even, if not handled with care. Still, you can not help but see how beautiful they are, thorns and all, with their perfect symmetry and silvery hues of greens and purples. Their leaves curl tightly inward, holding something precious inside. What is so vulnerable, I wonder, that must need such safeguarding, such armor? At the center of the choke, lies the heart, its true essence. Tucked away and concealed from the outside world, the heart remains hidden and eludes many.

Are we not so different from the artichoke?  What prickles and thorns we grow, to shelter and shield our most true and tender places.  Our defenses, beautifully crafted in times of need, have preserved us. They have kept us safe. And to this, we must give our thanks. But what, I wonder, do we give up in return for this safety?

Trim the artichokes chokes and steam until tender and the outer leaves pull off easily. The length of time will vary depending on size.
If your artichokes seem like they are not getting tender, you most likely have older dried out chokes. Try to pick artichokes with tightly packed leaves and that feel heavy with moisture. If they feel light, they are older.
You can also steam in an Instant Pot.  I like to add garlic, sage and lemon zest to the steaming water. Up to you.

After the artichokes are steamed until tender, let them cool, for easier handling. With a very sharp knife, cut in half and scoop out the small inner fibers with a spoon.

Grilled them halved or cut into quarters if you like, then brush with olive oil – or try this using this herb oil!

Grilled Artichokes with vegan adaptable Basil Aioli and herb oil - a delicious way to serve artichokes!

Grill the artichokes, open-side down, on a preheated grill set at medium, for 6-8 minutes or until grill marks appear.

If adding wood chips for extra smoky (which I recommend) cover the grill to let the artichokes infuse.

Grilled Artichokes with vegan adaptable Basil Aioli and herb oil - a delicious way to serve artichokes!
Because you have already steamed the artichokes, they don’t actually need to cook, but rather, charred a bit for that incredible flavor.
Grilled Artichokes with vegan adaptable Basil Aioli and herb oil - a delicious way to serve artichokes!
Platter the Grilled Artichokes up and serve with the basil aioli. (Try substituting with Vegenaise for a great vegan option)
Grilled Artichokes with vegan adaptable Basil Aioli and herb oil - a delicious way to serve artichokes!
Grilled Artichokes with vegan adaptable Basil Aioli and herb oil - a delicious way to serve artichokes!

I am reminded by the artichoke that inside all of us lies something tender and vulnerable regardless of our sometimes opposite exterior. Perhaps the more prickly the person there lies the tenderest of hearts, most needing of our compassion.  This is difficult to muster when we feel personally injured by their thorns. But it’s not personal. Like the artichoke, these defenses were created for a very valid reason, which most likely has absolutely nothing to do with us.

But what sinks in most of all as I hold this choke in my hand, is, that I must forgive myself daily, for my own prickly and imperfect ways. This simple act frees me from the tyranny of self-judgment, which only helps to keep me closed up tight. Respectfully acknowledging each protective layer I have creatively crafted, for “survival” in a loving, nonjudgemental way, slowly and gently allows me to shed what is no longer needed.

Hope you like the recipe for the Grilled Artichokes, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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a recipe for Grilled Artichokes

Grilled Artichokes

  • Author: Sylvia Fountaine
  • Prep Time: 30
  • Cook Time: 1 hour
  • Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x
  • Category: vegetables, grilled,
  • Method: grill
  • Cuisine: northwest
  • Diet: Vegan


A vegan-adaptable recipe for Grilled Artichokes with Basil Aioli and Herb Sauce. Flavorful, healthy and so delicious!


Units Scale
  1. 4 medium sized artichokes- trimmed
  2. 2 garlic cloves, smashed
  3. 34 lemon slices
  4. a few sage leaves (or bay leaves)


Herb Oil and Aioli:

  • 1 cup Italian parsley
  • 1/4 cup Basil leaves
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 tablespoon capers
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 1/8 cup lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup mayo or Vegenaise
  • salt and pepper to taste



  1. Place a big pot on the stove with enough water to just come up to a steamer basket placed inside.  To the water add the lemon slices, garlic cloves and sage (or bay leaves). Bring to a simmer.
  2. Prep the artichokes: With a very sharp knife, trim off the stems, and tipsand remove small tough outer leaves. Place them in steamer basket, bring water to a boil, cover and simmer on low heat for 20-45 minutes, depending on size. Steam until just tender.  Let Cool. (At this point you could refrgerate for up to 3 days before grilling.) In the mean time make the Herb Oil and optional Aioli.
 Herb Oil  and Aioli:
  1. Place the herbs and garlic in a food processor and pulse 5 times until nicely chopped. Add the  capers, olive oil,  lemon juice, and a generous pinch of salt and pepper.
  2. Pulse a few times and scrape down sides and pulse a few more times more.
  3. Here is your herb oil. Remove a 1/4 cup of the herb oil and set aside for grilling. You will use this to brush on the artichokes before you grill – and the remaining will be used for the aioli. (Alternatively, you could just use only the Herb Oil and skip the aioli, as the artichokes will be flavorful with just the Herb Oil)
  4. To the remaining Herb Oil- still in the food processor, add 1/3 to 1/2 cup mayo or veganaise (depending on how flavorful you like your aioli)  the more you add, the less bold it will be. Pulse a few times till just blended. Don’t over-blend. Add more salt, or even chili flakes or Aleppo if you like. This Herbed Aoili is your flavorful dipping sauce.
  1. Heat up your grill to Medium. Get wood chips smoking if using. Cut artichokes in half,  or in quarters and scoop out the fibrous insides, using a spoon, right next to the heart.
  2. Brush or spoon a little herb drizzle on the open side of the artichokes.  Place artichokes, open side faced down on the hot grill.  Brush the tops with a littl herb oil. Turn grill to medium and cover, and do not touch them for  5-7 minutes. If you are using small artichokes, it may be 3-4 minutes, This will give them nice grill marks. Flip and cook 2 more minutes.
  3. Once you see a little char, platter them up with the remaining herb oil or the  Aioli.


You can also steam artichokes in an Instant Pot, using high pressure. Small chokes take roughtly 10 minutes, larger chokes can take up to 20.


  • Calories: 246

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  1. Fantastic preparation, even though I messed it up. I used baby artichokes, which I expected to steam quickly, but I forgot to check them soon enough. Twenty minutes was too long and my artichokes were very overcooked! Still, the flavor was great and we ate them all despite my mistake. Can’t wait to try again while artichokes are in season.

  2. Hello Sylvia,
    Just came across your blog now! I have gone through at least 200 of your recipes this morning and I LOVE what I am seeing! I am a pretty good cook (my friends think I should have been a chef) and always cook healthy food (originally born in Istanbul to Armenian parents) and I see that your recipes are exactly what I want. I have not tried any of them yet, but I will let you know how they turn out once I do. I am really excited. Great job!

  3. I steamed the artichokes a couple days before in my instant pot, then refrigerated. Grilled them up last night and they were easy and tasted incredible- used apple wood chips.

  4. Excellent! I will never have artichokes any other way now. The Herb Oil is brilliant and we just skipped the aioli and served with more herb oil. Delicious!

  5. We made these last night and my husband declared them the best thing he’s ever eaten. Seriously good. We added wood chips to the grill ( in a foil packet with holes poked in it) and the smoke flavor truly elevated.

  6. I love this blog!!!
    I understand the defense mech of the choke…
    keep on eating me; u worked so hard to get to me enjoy w/everything!
    Love this dish as well…
    thanx 4 the inspiration, awesome read!


  7. I’ve always wanted to make grilled artichoke with aioli but have been intimidated! I need to get up the courage to make this over the summer!

  8. “I am reminded by the artichoke, that inside all of us lies something tender and vulnerable regardless of our sometimes opposite exterior. Often, the more prickly the person, the more need for compassion. This is difficult to muster when we feel personally injured by their thorns. But it’s not personal. Like the artichoke, these defenses were created for a very valid reason, which, most likely have nothing to do with us.”

    Best paragraph I have ever read in a blog – especially a food blog. You mix words, passion, and food in an inspiring way. I really enjoyed reading it.

  9. Ah, artichokes are so pretty. When they start appearing around the farmer’s market, I know it’s spring. Thanks for a lovely idea of how to serve them. I can’t wait!

  10. Oh, I can think of nothing I’d like to eat more right now than these artichokes. Amazing dish.

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