Healthy Delicious Poke Recipe (Vegan Adaptable!)

Poke Bowl- made with fish (or TOFU!) seasoned with sesame oil, over rice or keep noodles, surrounded with healthy veggies and citrus ponzu sauce! |

Poke Bowls – made with ahi tuna (or TOFU!) served over brown rice or kelp noodles, with avocado, cucumber, radish and Citrus Ponzu Sauce!


Optional BASE – 2 cups of your choice of:

Poke Recipe: 

Optional BOWL TOPPINGS: avocado, sprouts, edamame, roe, grated carrots, grated beets, cucumber, fresh sliced, mango, radishes, crispy shallots, shredded cabbage, nori ( sliced thin), seaweed salad, pickled ginger, shiso leaves, furikake (Japanese sesame seaweed spice mix), kimchi, chili threads, Sriracha

QUICK PONZU SAUCE ( optional- make this if making the whole bowl) 


  1. If cooking rice,start and cook according to directions on the stove.
  2. Cut fish (or tofu- blotting extra well first) into ½- ¾ inch cubes. Place in a bowl.
  3. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  4. Add scallions, sesame oil, soy sauce and sesame seeds.
  5. Very gently mix to coat evenly. (If using tofu, you may need to add more soy and sesame oil -in equal portions- because tofu tends to soak the liquid up like a sponge.)
  6. Make the quick ponzu sauce, combining ingredients in a small bowl.
  7. Assemble bowls – Divide rice (or other base) among two bowls. Pile poke salad high in the center, and surround with your additional toppings (avocado, cucumber, radish, sprouts, etc)
  8. Spoon the fresh ponzu sauce over the veggies and sprinkle with sesame seeds and chili threads (or flakes).
  9. Serve with chop sticks and Sriracha.


You can simply just make the poke itself ( with either ahi or tofu) or create the whole Bowl, loaded up with veggies, rice and the ponzu sauce .

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