Crispy Tofu Recipe

How to make flavorful Crispy Tofu on the stovetop in 20 minutes! You'll find a million uses for this crispy tofu and fun ways to season it - adding it to meals you are already making. #crispytofu #simpletofurecipes #easytofu #tofu #tofurecipes #friedtofu #stirfriedtofu

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Here’s a easy recipe for Crispy Tofu that can be made on the stovetop in 20 minutes with just 3 ingredients. You’ll find a million uses for this crispy tofu and fun ways to season it – adding it to meals you are already making- like this Veggie Lo Mein or Thai Noodle Salad Recipe! 




  1. BLOT Place the block of tofu on a kitchen towel or paper towels, and bring up the sides, wrapping it up and pressing gently. (FYI: weighting or pressing all the liquid out will make it chewy. So just lightly press.)
  2. Cut into cubes, again, pat gently with pepper towels. It may still feel damp, it’s ok. 🙂
  3. Heat oil over medium high heat and season the oil in the skillet generously with salt and pepper (not the tofu)
  4. SEAR: Carefully place each piece of tofu in the oil – don’t just throw it in, it will splatter. Season the top side with a little salt and let sear.
  5. TURN: Let the tofu crisp up before turning. (Tofu likes to stick, but once it crisps, it will naturally contract and release itself from the pan. If it is sticking, it is not ready to turn. ) Give the pan a good shake to test. Using a metal spatula turn over. Sear most sides until golden. Or just sear two sides for less oil.
  6. Place on a paper towel-line plate until ready to use ( or keep warm in an oven- don’t stack, single layer is best to retain crispiness.)


SEASONINGS: ( Toss or sprinkle over tofu, before searing)

  1.  Mexican, add a sprinkling of chili powder and cumin (1/2 teaspoon each)
  2.  Indian, sprinkle with 1/2 -1 teaspoon curry powder, turmeric or Garam Masala.
  3. Middle Eastern Zaatar, or sumac
  4. Cajun Seasoning
  5. Granulated garlic or onion powder
  6. Asian-try adding  Szechuan Sauce, at the end


If you like more of a crispy “crust” on the tofu, feel free to dredge in cornstarch before adding to the oil. Add a generous pinch of salt and sugar to the cornstarch before dredging.

If tofu tastes “bland” it needs more salt. Remember to season the oil in the pan generously. 

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