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A flavorful summer drink that is not only refreshing, its healing soothing and detoxing.




  1. Using a juicer, juice the apples and place in a large 2 quart mason jar or large pitcher. Alternatively you can use fresh apple cider ( with no sugar added).
  2. Juice the turmeric root, starting off conservatively, then juice ginger and lemons ( peel the lemons with a pairing knife and put in the juicer.)
  3. Stir this with the apple juice. Taste. Adjust. It should tasted balanced, sweet and tart, with the heat of ginger in the background ( add more if you want) and a hint of exotic turmeric ( add more to taste).
  4. Note: if adding little slices of turmeric through the juicer, its ok to pour a little splash of water ( or the apple juice) through the juicer, to get the turmeric to come out.
  5. Keep in the fridge and serve over ice for a refreshing summer drink, or top off with sparkling water.
  6. You can also make cocktails out of this, but I didn’t say that. 😉