How to Cook the Fluffy Basmati Rice!

How to cook the fluffiest BASMATI RICE, the way they do in India! Flavorful light and fluffy! | #basmatirice #basmati #indianrice #indianrecipes

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How to cook the fluffiest BASMATI RICE, the way they do in India (with a Middle Eastern Version). Flavorful light and fluffy with the most flavorful “tempering oil”.



Indian Tempering Oil:

Middle Eastern Version:


Bring water and salt to a boil. Add rice and simmer at a low boil, uncovered over medium heat until rice is tender, 7- 10 minutes. Drain, and let stand over a strainer for 5 minutes.

For Indian Tempering oil: Heat ghee over medium heat. Add seeds, salt and leaves, and saute until seeds begin to crackle- about 30-60 seconds. Turn heat off.

Place rice in a serving dish and pour tempering oil over top. Serve immediately!




To make Middle Eastern Version, heat oil in a skillet over medium heat, add the smashed garlic clove and swirl until fragrant, add cumin and coriander seeds and a couple bay leaves. Pour the tempered oil over the rice ( discarding garlic)  and garnish with some torn parsley leaves and optional light sprinkling of sumac or lemon zest.

The rice is best, made right before serving. Sometimes I’ll have the pot of salted boiling water all ready to go, as well as the tempering oil. Then all I have to do is boil the rice right before dinner time.

If doubling the recipe, you probably only need 10-12 cups water.

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