Heirloom tomato, Beet & Burrata salad w/ Basil oil

Tomato Beet and Buratta Salad with Basil Oil and Balsamic Drizzle- a vibrant and tasty summer salad.|

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A summery salad with fresh tomatoes, beets and burrata cheese and a flavorful basil oil.




  1. To Make the basil oil ( requires overnight) blanch basil in a pot of boiling, heavily salted water for 20 seconds. Immediately strain, place under very cold running water, or an ice bath, until leaves feel cold. Gently wring out and place between paper towels, removing the water. Place in a blender with the oil and a pinch salt. Blend until smooth, careful to turn blender off if you feel it getting hot. Any heat will destroy the gorgeous color. So blend until smooth, stopping if necessary…and either place the blender in the fridge, or place the oil in a bowl, and let sit 6 hours, or over night in the fridge. Strain. Using a fine strainer, fit it inside a bowl and pour basil oil over, let it strain, giving the solids a mix now and then or a pressing, to help release more of the oil. I will often place this whole contraption back in the fridge, and let it do this at its own pace. Once the oil is extracted ( about ½ cup) pour it into a bottle with a pour spout, and keep refridgerated. This will keep for a couple weeks in the fridge.
  2. If skipping the basil oil, substitute a ½ cup of fresh basil ribbons and a balsamic syrup.
  3. To make the salad- slice the burrata cheese, in to ½ inch this slices, and carefully place on a platter. Drizzle with a little basil oil. Cut the beets into slices or wedges, place in a bowl and toss with a little olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper. Arrange on the platter.
  4. Slice the tomatoes or cut into wedges, arrange on the platter with a pinch of flaked salt. Toss the greens in a little basil oil (or sub olive oil and balsamic) and scatter overtop.
  5. Drizzle the whole platter with basil oil right before serving or a balsamic syrup.
  6. This is good served with crusty bread.