Everyday Tahini Sauce

Oil-free Tahini Sauce

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Everyday Tahini Sauce – a simple, creamy, oil-free recipe that can be used as either a dressing or a sauce to give your midweek meals a boost of flavor! Vegan and gluten-free!



If your tahini paste has separated try to mix it with a fork before measuring.  If it’s very cold, this may not work very well, so be sure to use both the solids and the oil.

If your tahini sauce is very cold, whisk using a fork or mini whisk, with the warm water.

Once you start whisking, it will actually thicken. 🙂

Add the remaining ingredients – lemon, garlic, salt, pepper.

Start with ⅓ cup warm water, and add more to desired consistency. I usually need up with equal parts tahini paste and water  ( ½ cup) for a looser “dressing” consistency. Also keep in mind,  different brands of tahini paste are thicker than others.

Taste adjust salt and lemon.


You want the Everyday Tahini Sauce to be on the slightly salty side. If there is not enough salt, it will taste “pale” and bland. Remember this is not a dip, it’s a flavor boosting condiment. 🙂

I prefer mine a little tangy,  so I like to add more lemon…..but up to you.

Feel free to add chopped fresh herbs (parsley or cilantro is nice) or spices ( like zaatar ) or keep it simple!

This will keep for up to two weeks in the fridge.