Curry Tofu Salad

curry tofu salad

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Vegan Curry Tofu Salad- Turn it into a hearty wrap, stuff into an avocado or served over a bowl of baby spinach. Flavorful and healthy! | #currytofu



Serving options:


With paper towel in hand, blot and press the water out of the tofu. Cut it into small cubes and gently blot again.

In a large skillet heat oil over medium heat. Add the salt and pepper to the oil then add tofu. Sear on all sides until deeply golden, using a metal spatula to turn, repeatedly.  Once most sides are golden place in a medium bowl.

Add raisins, onions, apple, celery, cashews, cilantro, and give a stir.

Add spices, vegan mayo, honey (or agave), vinegar.

Taste, season with salt and pepper and adjust heat if you want to make it more spicy.

Make wraps or stuff into pitas with a handful of greens, or stuff avocados ( season avocado with salt first) or served over a bed of lightly dressing greens- arugula, spinach, salad greens.