Spicy Chai Molasses Cookies

Spicy Chai Molasses Cookies are soft and chewy on the inside with deliciously crispy edges. Seasoned with chia spices, these take old fashioned Molasses Cookies to another level.

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Spicy Chai Molasses Cookies are soft and chewy on the inside, crispy on the outside! Seasoned with chai spices, these take old-fashioned Molasses Cookies to another level. These require 2 hours refrigeration time.



Coarse sugar for rolling


350 F Oven

Cream butter and sugars together in a stand mixer or large bowl. Whip until light and fluffy. Add egg, molasses and vanilla, and whip until combined.

Whisk flour, baking soda, and ginger, cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper and salt together in medium bowl, whisk until well combined. If you can weigh the flour, do so, otherwise fluff up the flour with a fork, before measuring. 

Gradually add flour mixture to the butter mixture and mix well. Refrigerate 2 hours or overnight, so you can easily roll them into balls.

Roll into small, 1 inch wide, walnut-sized balls and coat all sides with coarse sugar or turbanado sugar.

Place on a parchment-lined sheet pan, 3 inches apart. ( Or use a silpat!)

Bake 8-10 minutes, until edges crisp and tops begin cracking.  They will puff up a bit, then flatten out, and this is what creates the beautiful crackling. Cool on a wire rack. The will crack more as they cool.

Soft and chewy with crispy edges, to me, the perfect cookie!


Use naturally softened butter- don’t melt. Weigh the flour if you can.

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