Peach Sangria Recipe

Simple Refreshing Peach Sangria Recipe ...a delicious summer drink made with white wine and Elder flower liquor (or syrup) that can be made ahead. Perfect for a crowd!

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Simple Refreshing Peach Sangria …a delicious summer cocktail made with white wine and Elderflower liquor (or syrup) that can be made ahead. Perfect for a crowd!



1 bottle white or rose wine- viognier, pinot grigio, riesling, rose
3 ripe peaches, plus more for garnish
¼ Cup Elderflower liquor like St Germain ( or sub another fruity or floral liqueur- see notes)
¼ Cup sugar
¼ Cup water
Handful fresh herbs- mint, basil, lemon balm, lemon verbena, or lemon thyme


  1. Make simple Syrup: Bring sugar, water and a handful of fresh herbs to a simmer, in a small pot on the stove, stirring until sugar dissolves. Let cool either on the counter,  or for an even more intense herb flavor,overnight in the fridge.
  2. Slice peaches.
    Place peaches, wine, herbed simple syrup and a splash or two of Elderflower liquor ( St. Germaine) in a pitcher or large mason jar. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight. It will become more and more flavorful if left overnight or even for a couple days. Peaches may brown slightly, but will taste better and better.
  3. If serving to guests, strain out the browning peaches, and replace with freshly sliced peaches, and handful of fresh herbs and serve over ice.


Instead of making the simple syrup, you could use store-bought elderflower syrup. ( Ikea usually has this!) You can also use liquid honey in place of the simple syrup.


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