Instant Pot Lamb Tagine

Instant Pot Lamb Tagine - meltingly tender, full of Moroccan flavors and only takes 35 minutes in the Instant Pot! | #instantpot #lamb #lambtagine #lambstew

Meltingly tender, Instant Pot Lamb Tagine is aromatic and flavorful and so easy to make using the pressure cooker setting. Serve it over Cous Cous and optional Tfaya for a hearty delicious meal.



Tfaya ( Caramelized Onion Raisin Relish) – Optional


Set Instant Pot to saute function and begin adding all the Tagine ingredients in order,  ending with the bay leaves. Give a good stir. Set to Pressure cook on high for 35 minutes. Let pressure release manually or naturally. Drain the olives reserving liquid. Add the olives to the pot and stir to warm.

Taste, and if needed at a few teaspoons of the olive brine to the tagine, (or the optional preserved lemon) for a punch of flavor.

To deepen the color of the lamb, use a slotted spoon to scoop it out of the pot and on a sheet pan and place it under the broiler for a few minutes.

Serve the lamb over a platter of cous cous, spooning a little of the flavorful broth over top. Sprinkle with fresh parsley, chili flakes and optional Tfaya. Slivered almonds are also nice.

To make the optional Tfaya ( Caramelized Onion Raisin Relish)

Place the raisins and water in a small pot and bring to a gentle simmer. Saute the onion in the oil over medium heat, stirring often until golden and tender, about 10 minutes. Add the raisins and their water. Add the spices, salt and honey. Cook on medium low heat, uncovered, adding more water as necessary to get the onions meltingly tender and soft. Once tender, reduce the liquid until it is thick and syrupy.


Feel free to sub 3 tablespoons Ras el Hanout for the spices.

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