Feasting at Home : Brussel Sprouts Slaw with Hazelnuts and Dates

March 20, 2013

Brussel Sprouts Slaw with Hazelnuts and Dates

In an attempt to eat more healthfully, we have been experimenting with ways to consume more raw produce. Up until recently, brussel sprouts were always pan-seared, roasted, or sautéed around here, but today I tried something different. Treating brussel sprouts like the cabbage they are, I turned it into a slaw. Crunchy, flavorful and uber nutritious, this salad, makes me happy and feel energized. Snappy roasted hazelnuts add backbone and earthiness to the slaw and their subtle sweetness pairs deliciously with the dates in such an unexpected way. Dates and hazelnuts... a good combination.  Not only is this recipe vegan and gluten free, and raw, this salad tastes great, and can be made in 15 minutes flat.

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Finely slice the brussel sprouts, starting at the top, and discarding the hard bottoms.

Make sure to purchase seedless dates. Slicing them will give you a workout... it's a little tough, but it will be worth it.

Either buy roasted hazelnuts or roast them yourself on a sheet pan, in a 400F oven for 15 minutes or until fragrant.

A tip. When crushing nuts, put them in a ziplock bag, removing as much air as possible, and roll over them with a rolling pin. If they won't roll easily, give a few initial whacks to break them up first. It's kind of fun.

Make sure to dice the onion very very small. Minuscule.

Whisk the dressing in a small bowl.

Then mix it all together, garnishing with a little orange zest.

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Brussel Sprout Slaw with hazelnuts and dates
A flavorful healthy recipe for brussel sprout salad. with brussel sprouts, hazelnuts and dates, vegan, raw and gluten free.

1 lb brussel sprouts ( about 4 Cups, sliced and packed) 
1 cup unsalted roasted hazelnuts 
¾  cup chopped seedless dates 
1/4 C finely diced red onion 
1/4 C olive oil 
1/4 C apple cider vinegar 
1/8 C  Real Maple syrup or honey
¼  teaspoon salt
⅛  teaspoon cayenne pepper- plus more to taste
Cracked pepper to taste 
Orange zest of one orange

Instructions: Finely slice brussel sprouts, beginning at top, and work down towards ends, discarding hard ends. Place in a bowl. Slice dates...this is a little of a chore, be patient, add to bowl. Crush roasted hazelnuts, add to bowl. Finely dice a 1/4 cup of a red onion, add to bowl. Whisk in a small bowl, the oil, vinegar, maple syrup, salt, cayenne, pepper. Pour dressing over slaw and mix in well. Mix in orange zest saving a little for the top as garnish. Enjoy.
Total time: 15-20 minutes Yield: 6-8


  1. I love Brussels sprout slaw! It's so fresh and healthy. Yours looks so pretty with all those vibrant colors!

  2. This looks seriously delicious. One can never have too many recipes for Brussels sprouts. :)

  3. Oh yum! I just love brussel sprouts and always looking for new ways to serve them

  4. That's really creative!! I saw this on "Healthy Aperture" and had to see the recipe. I haven't cooked with brussels sprouts before -- too many warnings of roasting gone bad -- so I love the idea of keeping them raw in a slaw!

    1. Thanks, I was pretty happy with this one! Hope you try them soon. ;)

  5. This is delicious! And super easy because I cheated and bought pre-sliced brussels sprouts from Wegmans. I subbed shallot for the red onion (more subtle onion flavor, for me) but kept to the rest of the recipe and love it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. The textures...colors...stellar stuff here...Amazing offering! I love brussels sprouts...hazelnuts...and red onion...wow. Could figs be used as a sub for dates?..I do not wish to diminish the spectacular quality of your recipe...but I am hoping to decrease the sweet factor without diminishing the "yum" factor of your generous offering...and hope to do it justice!

  7. this sounds delicious! Just stumbled upon your blog via The Roasted Root. I'm a fan already!

  8. We have been addicted to Brussels sprout slaw for months and it seems we can never get enough!